Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL

An integrated tool to recover and extract database from corrupt SQL

Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL

Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL is a combination of three tools developed to recover database from corrupt SQL server, extract database from corrupt SQL backup file and to reset SQL Server Password.

  • Repairs damaged SQL server database
  • Restores Views, Keys, Indexes, Tables, Triggers, etc.
  • Recovers the database with its integrity intact
  • Recovers inaccessible SQL databases from damaged backup files
  • Works with full as well as differential backups
  • Directly accesses SQL MDF file and resets passwords of SQL Server


Product Description

Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL solves three SQL server problems in one shot. It combines 3 unique tools aimed at 3 purposes - fixing issues in damaged / corrupted MDF files and repairing inaccessible SQL database to allow smooth data recovery from it, extracting data from damaged / corrupted BAK files and restoring to a new database at predefined location, and accessing 'master.mdf' to reset SQL server System Administrator and individual user passwords. Stellar Toolkit for MSSQL effectively recovers all database components including Indexes, Views, keys, Tables, Triggers, etc and lets you to save the repaired files at any desired location. It is capable of restoring ROW-compressed as well as PAGE-compressed data. SQL Backup Recovery supports recovery from both full and differential backup versions of SQL backup along with all the objects. The tool can search all the available .BAK files stored in the system and list all the database files after successful scan. Password Recovery for SQL lets you browse the 'master.mdf' database file from the targeted server and list all the users at one place for easy selection make you reset the lost or forgotten password within seconds. The highlight of the tools in this toolkit is their wide compatibility with various SQL server versions and support for most of the latest versions of Windows operating system. Moreover, Toolkit for MSSQL and Backup Recovery of SQL offer users the option to preview recoverable content before saving it thus giving the advantage to choose the exact to be recovered. Plus, database integrity is in no way affected during the working of any of these tools. This toolkit if kept handy can highly benefit SQL database administrators and help keep server issues at bay. As one comprehensive toolkit, this bundle comes at a cost effective price adding to the advantage. All tools in this toolkit are extremely user-friendly coupled with interactive interfaces and easy to follow instructions.

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