Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Advance Mac Cleaner Software that Optimizes OS X El Capitan Performance

Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Stellar SpeedUp Mac Stellar SpeedUp Mac frees up disk space and enhance system performance by removing unwanted files, duplicates and unused applications from Macintosh Hard drive.

  • Free Removes Logs, Trash, Leftovers, junk, and manages extensions from your Mac
  • Speeds up both the boot volume as well as the other volumes
  • Completely uninstalls unwanted Applications in simple 'Drag and Drop' operation
  • Removes duplicate files from iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies, iWork and Aperture
  • Compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6

* Free Download software to remove log files,system junks, trash, leftovers and manages extension for free.

Product Description

Stellar SpeedUp Mac, a software that optimizes the performance of your Mac by scanning the existing volumes of the hard drive and removing the junk/unwanted and temporary system as well as Internet files. It exhibits a user-friendly interface that makes the overall operations easy to perform and hence, improves the Mac performance.

The Operating System generates temporary files to store the data and procedures when the users perform various activities on their Mac. These temporary/unwanted files are stored in the memory and utilize the system resources every time, which in turn degrades the performance of Mac. Stellar SpeedUp Mac scans the Mac volumes and removes these junk files, clears cache memory, refreshes RAM, and uninstalls all unwanted add-on applications.

Stellar SpeedUP Mac offers three embedded options on the home screen, i.e. "SpeedUp Now", "Clean My Mac", and "Uninstaller." SpeedUp now displays the temporary/unwanted files, junk files, add-on applications, redundant files, useless system files, and large older application files and enables the users to remove them efficiently. Removing these files create free space on the respective volumes.

Clean My Mac option deletes all the large blocks of unnecessary binary files, system generated temporary log files and refreshes the RAM as well as cache memory in order to optimize the overall performance of the Mac PC.

Uninstaller, on the other hand, enables you to remove internet plug-ins, temporary update files, and other applications just with a simple drag and drop operation. Apart from this, the software avails the users to preview the listed files such as images, videos and other document files before removing them permanently. This feature provides a final view of these junk files in order to check if there is anything, which should not be removed. The built in task scheduler manages the cleanup tasks and keeps the memory refreshed.

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* Free Download software to remove log files,system junks, trash, leftovers and manages extension for free.

Rating & Reviews

quote left Successfully cleaned up 2 GB of unnecessary hidden software files that I couldn't have located myself.  quote right
Ashley Slusher
quote left Speedup Mac Software Uninstaller is very good alternative for removing installed applications. I had this incident where the application wasn’t uninstalling but Speedup Mac software did it in a go. Really helpful for my Mac.  quote right
quote left Cleaned up iMac startup disk which said the startup disk was almost full. Also cleared duplicate files from my backup hard drive. Happy to have it.  quote right
quote left Before running Stellar Speedup Mac, my Macintosh HD had just 5% of disk spaces left. But after cleaning my Mac HD with your tool, I was amazed to reclaim up to 15% of free hard drive spaces. Your application is really productive for my workstation. Keep me updated.  quote right
Wilma Bennett
quote left This software did an excellent task of cleaning my 1TB MacBook Pro hard drive and another 500 GB of the external disk. Though initially, it took some time, but it cleared plenty of extra junk data from my MacBook Pro HD.  quote right
Michael Lane-Poole
quote left The trial version of the speed up Mac software showed me its usefulness when it showed me countless junks my Mac was accumulating over a one year time. No second thought and I cleaned up 9.87 gigs of junks from my Macintosh HD. I am glad I used your software just about at right time else my Mac surely had suffocated.  quote right
quote left Had my Mac not have this tool, I would have certainly gone berserk in finding and removing duplicate JPEG pictures from 2 TB WD external hard drive, my DSLR memory card and Macintosh HD. Appreciate the effort Stellar!  quote right
quote left My 4 GB SD card was full of duplicate png image files. Total files were so large that I couldn’t remove them manually. However, after using Speedup Mac software, I got them removed in a single scan.  quote right

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