A comprehensive pack of useful tools to manage and optimize your Mac.

 Stellar Drive ToolBox aims to enhance your Mac experience by providing you various tools to manage, optimize, sanitize, and repair Mac hard drives. You can also secure your confidential files from unauthorized access.

  • Optimizes Mac performance with 'SpeedUp Mac' and 'Drive Defrag' options
  • Flawlessly clones Mac hard drives and volumes
  • Repairs Mac volumes and fixes file system issues
  • Wipes sensitive data on Mac hard drive beyond recovery


Product Description

Stellar Drive ToolBox is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to simplifying your computing experience with Mac. This comprehensive application features useful functionality to help you perform all sorts of Mac hard drive maintenance and system optimization tasks. The software is a big help when you need to get your hard drives in top shape and make your system speedy and responsive.

Stellar Drive ToolBox features performance optimization and cleanup options in its 'SpeedUp Mac' module. With these options, you can remove loads of unnecessary files and system junk from your system. The Drive Defrag tool contributes to accelerating your Mac further by reducing file, metadata, and free space fragmentation on the hard drive.

The application also inherits the ability to clone Mac drives with the built-in 'Drive Clone' module or wipe files, directories, and entire volumes with its 'Wipe' functionality. With 'Partition Manager', you can organize and manage your drive partitions with greater flexibility than with any manual partitioning tasks. The software allows you to add, delete, format, resize, and hide/reveal a Mac partition.

With 'Volume Repair', the software helps you keep all your volume corruption woes at bay. You can repair permissions of the boot volume or resolve issues with any of your Mac hard drive volumes. The advanced 'Raw Data Editor' feature allows you to tinker with the bits and bytes of your drive's file structure and resolve minor corruption.

You can use the 'Shield' module to recover your deleted files much faster than before. The software also keeps track of your hard drive's health and helps you compare its performance with the stored results of other systems. You can also search for any specific file or duplicates in your system with 'Smart Finder' tool. In addition, Smart Mac Care facilitates scheduling different modules of the software according to your convenience.

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